Across disciplines and scales, Hyphae’s collaborative approach has helped a range of partners address complicated challenges.

Hyphae is a consulting firm and incubation laboratory. We collaborate with communities, government, designers, and researchers to understand complex challenges and develop innovative, strategic solutions. We are always making new connections and embracing new challenges. Our vision is never limited by our immediate focus.

Our collaborations take many forms. We are often hired as a consultant, but we also initiate work internally. We invent novel technologies, we build long term partnerships to tackle complex challenges, we build joint ventures, and spin out initiatives. Our approach allows us to both make immediate change in the world and define the future of change. Our work is funded by private corporations, individuals, government agencies, and philanthropy. When needed, we work with our clients and partners to creatively find funding when needed.



Hyphae consults on projects across a wide range of scales and fields: architecture, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, landscape design, healthcare, industrial processes, etc.

From residential, commercial, institutional, hospitality, and municipal/public space design, we design systems on both urban and rural scales, and manage the design phase of construction projects ranging from $25,000 to $50 million. Our clients include local and national architects, landscape architects, and engineers. Sometimes we initiate and lead the design and sometimes we fill specific consultant roles. On a site level, we design building systems, building integrated landscapes, functional site landscapes, and building architecture. On a larger scale, we design neighborhood and city systems from water and nutrient systems to neighborhood scale green infrastructure.

We also consult for industries for whom we design and innovate efficient, environmentally healthy production processes. And we work with public health and healthcare providers to design processes and products that facilitate proactive, holistic environmental healthcare.


Hyphae invents novel materials, processes, and technologies that improve human health and the health of earth’s systems.

We invent novel technologies to real-world problems by scaling up cutting-edge scientific research and scaling down global earth systems to city, neighborhood, block and building-scale interventions. These technologies include a range from software programs to hardware products and material science innovations. We also develop tools to better measure, model, and value the effects of these ecological, health-centric, multiple-benefit products.

We integrate research into all of our projects. What form this takes in a given project ranges significantly from research-informed design to formal research studies. This research approach often leads to the unexpected development of new technologies that branch off into new incubation projects.


Hyphae develops unconventional partnerships in response to core environmental justice, public health, and urban infrastructure challenges.

Hyphae partners with community organizations, academics, local governments, public health departments, and healthcare professionals. While these partnerships sometimes form in response to a specific project, they also form in response to a challenge that is not being effectively addressed with conventional solutions. We then come together to collaboratively strategize, find funding, and build an effective process towards finding solutions. These partnerships often become long-term collaborations that continue to evolve with time and new opportunities.

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