Our Process

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Systems Thinking

We bring a systems thinking approach to our work and building models to understand systems. We analyze the cycles, flows, feedback loops, internal and external factors impacting system form and function.

Applied Research

We do client driven research, as well as more long-range private, academic, and government funded research. We bring a unique multidisciplinary approach, mixed with optimism, passion, technological innovation and appreciation of people.

We're focused on scaling pure research to reality. Whether it be conducting a clinical trial, or inventing a new building system we optimistically, and against all odds invent and test future-proof ways to build our cities. We conduct research and implement solutions to understand and improve ecosystem services reliability and effectiveness through environmental optimization and biomonitoring.

Data-Driven Design


Collaborative Teams

We specialize in being generalists. But we build multidisciplinary teams and highly collaborative partnerships. We bring together generalists, specialists from across business, agency and academic fields to tackle challenging projects.


We reshape urban ecosystems and reintegration of nature into cities, this can be confrontational and overwhelming to the human psyche. Some of our research therefore involves the science of changing human perception. We believe art and the humanities can be the best medium for change, where cultural taboos, polarizing social gridlock and scientific objectivity have failed. It is not a coincidence that science fiction has driven generations of technical innovations, we aim to change science fiction.  Cultural excitement is needed to create the society scale reframing necessary to implement the significant community and  infrastructure changes needed to  adapt human civilization to expected environmental changes.

We appreciate and activate art as a core medium to provide hope and inspire people through beauty while at the same time surfacing and socializing controversial ideas.


Feedback loops are at work in everything from earth systems, to electrical engineering and mass media. We study how a system feeds back on itself and other systems and we design systems that can be controlled by their outcome to both amplify or regulate the effect.