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Hyphae's Focus is Public Health

We work at the intersection of health, ecology and the built environment. Our work is driven by mission, mystery and meaning pursuant to metamorphosis of the human relationship to nature. We provide tools to model, modify, manage and measure cities as living systems. We re-engineer microclimates to have a macro climatic effect.

We engage in diverse projects that have a unique potential for innovation: from ecology and public health driven urban planning and architecture, to applied scientific research, to industrial design and software development. Our work is funded by private corporations, governments and philanthropy.

Work in Progress...

We have been working to improve public and environmental health for over a decade. With the current pandemic, we've decided to take this time of social distancing to reflect on our work and build on our experience to push ourselves to do even more. That includes telling our story and that of the work we are doing through this site. Please excuse our iterative prototyping and check back often for new developments. And stay safe!

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Stories from the Field

When you want to explore our work and don't mind the long-form, take a seat and let us tell you a story, starting with this one on Medium.

In the News

Our most important project is always the one we are currently working on, but here are some things we have focused our time on and what others are saying.

Connect with Hyphae

No more than twice a year, we will provide an updated edition of new stories; think of it more like a magazine and less like a newsletter. We also won't spam you or sell your information to anyone.

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