Hyphae Visions


We believe in equitable ecological sanitation for all

Our Sanitation Vision
Hyphae has worked for over nearly 20 years to develop urban sanitation strategies throughout the world, much of this work funded internally by Hyphae and its employees working pro-bono. As an ethical baseline we believe safe, accessible public sanitation should be universally provided to everyone through sufficient facilities, access, and maintenance. The UN also recognizes water and sanitation as basic human rights. More recently, US cities are California recognization of our universal right to sanitation in AB685 passed in 2012.

How We Get There
We work with communities to find novel, systemic solutions to these age old challenges. We also work on technological solutions that aim to translate how society thinks about waste. We develop ecological sanitation systems that reinvents waste as nutrients, that are healthy for humans and the natural world. Data driven and responsive design, implementation, and maintenanceCommunity driven design at a neighborhood and city scale. Ecological technologies and necessary permitting and code updates to allow innovative advancements

+The problem

+Our Sanitation Work

+Technological Solutions

+Systemic Solutions

+Other Relevant Research

Community as Expert

If you want to really understand a place, talk to the experts... the people who live and work there.


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